Studio Policies


All new and returning students must be registered online. You can register at home or at the studio. By creating a username and password, you can fill out the registration form, view class descriptions, enroll in classes and view your account information. The annual registration fee is $25 per family. Methods of payment include cash, check, credit card, or automatic billpay. The registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Registration is ongoing throughout the year.


45 min per week $50 per month
1 Hour per week- $55 per month
1 1/2 Hours per week- $75 per month
2 Hours per week- $95 per month
2 1/2 Hours per week- $115 per month
3 Hours per week- $135 per month

*Please contact us for competition team or solo/duo/trio class pricing.

Tuition is paid monthly and is divided into 9 equal payments; September-May.  The price of tuition is based on an average of 4 classes per month and remains the same for months that have 3 classes or 5 classes. All tuition is due by the 10th of each month. If tuition is paid after the 10th, a $10 late fee will be added to your account. Payment methods include automatic withdrawal, credit cards, cash or check.  If paying with cash or check, you may use the drop box in the office. Please fill out an envelope with your child’s name and day & time of class. All checks are made payable to Dance Design Studio. There will be a $25 fee for all returned checks. After 2 returned checks we will no longer accept checks as a method of payment. Parents may choose to pay the yearly tuition in full and will receive a 5% discount. Families with more than 1 child enrolled in classes also receive discounts on tuition.

Class Sizes

Dance Design strives to keep class sizes small in order to provide individual attention and quality instruction. We do, however, require a minimum of 5 students to begin a class. We have the right to cancel any classes due to lack of enrollment.


Please call the studio if your child is going to be absent. Attendance must be taken seriously. Excessive absences will not be tolerated. Excessive absences are defined as missing more than 4 classes in the 9-month dance season. There will be no refunds, credits, or discounts for missed classes. Attendance in the months of February-May is especially important as students are learning choreography for our June recital. Our goal is to see each student progress at a steady pace and improve performance and technique throughout the year. This requires regular attendance and commitment to classes. Special circumstances will be treated on an individual basis. Private lessons are available at an additional cost if your child misses several classes.

Make-Up Classes

Students may do make-up classes if they miss class due to an absence or if the studio is closed for a holiday. Please contact us if your child is doing a make up class, so that we can place them in a day/time that is appropriate for their age and level.

Withdrawl from Classes

If it becomes necessary to withdraw from a class, a drop form must be filled out in the office. There will be no proration for mid-month drops. Dance Design Studio does not require a yearly contract, we just ask for notification that a student is leaving a class so that the spot can be opened for another potential student.

Waiting Room

We encourage our parents to enjoy their free time while their children are in class. Parents have the choice to leave during their child’s class or stay in the waiting room.  Children under the age of 12 should not be left unattended in the waiting area. Students may not leave a classroom without the teachers permission. All parents must come to the waiting room to pick up their child after class. No students will be allowed out of the building until a parent/guardian is there to pick them up. This is for your child’s safety. If a person other than the child’s parent/guardian is picking the child up, you must inform the director or teacher prior to class.


Only water and healthy snacks are allowed in the studio. Dance Design Studio is PEANUT/TREENUT FREE ZONE. Please refrain from bringing any food with peanuts/treenuts into our studio. All snacks and drinks for holiday parties will be allergy free and provided by the studio.


Dance Design Studio follows the Easton Area School District for holiday closings. A holiday closing schedule will be emailed directly to you.

Inclement Weather

Dance Design Studio does NOT follow the Easton Area School district for weather-related closings. You will be notified via email for any cancelled classes due to inclement weather. A message will be posted on our Facebook page and on our studio voicemail. After two missed classes due to snow, we will schedule make-up classes on a separate day/time for each class. You will be contacted via email regarding make-up days/times.


Our annual recital is held in the beginning of June. The date and location will be announced when confirmed. A mandatory dress rehearsal date will also be given. In order to perform in the recital, your child must attend class regularly. If your child does not wish to participate in the recital please write a written statement to that affect.  Recital tickets will be sold at the dress rehearsal and at the door.  There is no minimum or maximum requirement to purchase tickets.

We have 3 different recital shows. If your child takes a 45 minute or 1 hour class, they will only have to be in 1 show of the recital. If your child takes a 2 hour class (or portions of a 2 hour class), multiple classes, or have siblings who attend other classes, they may be required to be in 2 shows. Competition students only are required to be in all 3 shows.


A costume fee is required for recital costumes. A $50 non-refundable deposit is due by November 15th. The balance is due by January 15th.  If you take more than 1 class, a separate costume will be ordered for each class, therefore a $50 deposit is due for each class. For combo classes, one costume will be ordered with separate pieces for each genre of dance (ex: one leotard with separate ballet tutu, jazz shorts, or tap skirt). The total costume fee includes costume, accessories and tights. Students are measured for costumes with room to grow. If you decide not to participate in the recital after the deposit is given, your deposit will not be reimbursed. Once committed to the recital with the deposit, you are liable to pay for the rest of the costume even if you decide not to be in the recital. You will still receive the costume.

Attire and Shoes

All students are required to wear the proper attire based on age and style of dance. Dance attire and shoes can be purchased at any dance store or online before the start of the first class.  Please label all shoes and dance bags with students name. Hair must be pulled back and tightly secured in a ponytail or bun for all classes.

Creative Movement (Age 2) Pink leather ballet shoes. Leotards and tights may be any color style. Ballet skirts and tutus may also be worn.

Pre-Dance- Ballet, Tap & Tumbling (Ages 3-4) Pink leather ballet shoes. Black patent  leather tap shoes. Leotards and tights may be any color style. Ballet skirts and tutus may also be worn.

Ballet & Tap (Age 4-6) Pink leather ballet shoes. Black patent leather tap shoes. Leotards and tights may be any color style. Ballet skirts may also be worn.

Jazz /Musical Theater (All Ages) Black slip on jazz shoes. Some classes may also require tan slip on jazz shoes for the recital. Jazz shorts, capri pants, leggings or jazz pants may be worn with a leotard or crop top in any color/style.

Ballet (Age 6-11) Pink leather ballet shoes. Leotards and tights may be any color style. Ballet skirts may also be worn.

Ballet (Age 12+) Pink split-sole ballet shoes. Leotards and tights may be any color style. Ballet skirts may also be worn.

Tap (Age 6-11) Black patent leather tap shoes. Pants, shorts, or leggings may be worn with a leotard or crop top in any color/style.

Tap (Age 12+) Black oxford tap shoes.  Pants, shorts, or leggings may be worn with a leotard or crop top in any color/style.

Lyrical/Contemporary  (All Ages) Foot undeez in any color/style may be worn for class. Tan foot undeez wil be required for the recital. Shorts, capris or leggings may be worn with a leotard or crop top in any color/style.

Hip Hop (All Ages) Comfortable sneakers in any color/ style. An additional pair of sneakers/boots will be ordered for the recital depending upon the teachers discretion. Comfortable clothes you can move in would be preferred. No jeans please!

Parent Visitation

One parent visitation week will be held in May. Summer class visitation will be held the last week of summer classes.

Keeping Informed

Emails will be sent on a regular basis to keep you informed of important information, reminders and current events. Please also check our website, Facebook page, and bulletin board in the studio for information. Please also keep in mind that you, as parents, are welcome to email us or call the studio at anytime to discuss your child. Private conferences can be set up with the directors and teachers in order to discuss any concerns you might have. We look forward to working with you and your children!